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Florida Lien and Title Services


My Florida Title™ is an independent DMV related title company that specializes in services designed to meet the demands of Florida's Towing Companies, Vehicle Repair Shops, Boat/RV Storage Yards, Marinas, Auto Dealers, Finance Companies, Attorneys, and Mobile Home Parks.

Having a dedicated service at the tip of your fingers; saves valuable time and money!
Local agents are available to provide service to mechanics and auto repair businesses in all Florida counties.

Using the information you provide on a simple Florida Title Service Form sf, we promptly prepare all documents needed to claim your lien so that you can promptly collect payment for past-due services or obtain clear title for the vehicle/ vessel you have serviced or stored at your place of business. Florida Department of Motor Vehicle related tasks, i.e., Certificate of Title Applications, and Florida Service and Storage Lien Procedures are our specialty!


Claim Your Lien and Get Paid Today
Turn Losses Into Money In The Bank

Complete Lien to Title Services: Document packages for any business type!
Call us today at 888.969.4381, to discuss your Florida Title Service needs.

* All Services Include: Comprehensive Title/Owner Search, Legal Claim of Lien Notice(s) to all interested parties, Legal Publications, Payment Collection and Vehicle Sales Data Management, Application for Certificate of Title, Local DMV Courier Services, Personal Title Delivery and More!

>> Please review our complete Price List for available services; or Contact us to speak to a representative today!


Document Management is Our Specialty

My Florida Title - Mission Statement

My Florida Title™ will get you on the fast rack to recovering lost income! We can quickly expedite lien notices to collect the money owed to your business using the Florida lien to title process. We are here to assist you with the lien process and secure your interest; from the moment the claim of lien notice is delivered, to the moment the debt is collected in full, or clear title is delivered to the business owner! We even provide title research services to help you qualify prospective purchases.

* Forms provided are not a substitute for legal advice. By downloading any document published by My Florida Title™, you indicate that you understand and agree to our Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.