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My Florida Title™ is designed to offer self-represented landlords convenient access to professional legal document preparation services, self-help legal information, and Florida title related resources; including dedicated local judicial support related services and property management based products essential to quickly expediting your Florida title.

Fast, Simple, and Cost Effective Lien and Title Related Services
>> We offer local vendor support and many other value-added services to our customers.

Professional legal document preparation services are available to assist Florida businesses and individuals with all aspects of lien and title management. Please review the three easy steps outlined below to get connected with a local title agent and start your title today using My Florida Title™ services!


  1. Start Your Lien to Title Process
    (Three Easy Steps)

My Florida Title™ is an independent, low-cost non-attorney service;
offering quality document preparation services in a fast, convenient, and cost effective manner!


Prepare and Serve Your Claim of Lien Notice
Obtain a FREE Statutory Florida Lien Notice, here;

Complete The Title Service Form
Fill out the Florida Lien to Title Service Form, here;

Contact My Florida Title
Submit the completed form and attachment(s) to: 813.436.3389, or:

Once we have your information, the completed lien and title documents will be sent to you to proof, sign, and return the same day as ordered!


  1. What Happens After Documents Are Completed?
    Follow Up and Conclude The Process

  2. Case Status Updates, Prompt Document Filing, and More!
    Upon starting your lien and title process; My Florida Title will keep you informed of updates and/or changes as they occur until conclusion of the lien to title process. When a Certificate of Title is awarded to you by the state, My Florida Title will forward the clear title to you in you or your business name.

    * Check Lien / Title Status Online, here.

* Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here.


Additional Florida Lien and Title Process Information
The rules an individual or business must follow in order to enforce a lien or gain title to motor vehicles comes from the Florida State Statutes and Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. An individual or business cannot simply proceed with applying for certificate of title, without first following the lien procedures outlined by Florida Statute

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Document Management is Our Specialty

My Florida Title - Mission Statement

My Florida Title™ will get you on the fast rack to recovering lost income! We can quickly expedite lien notices to collect the money owed to your business using the Florida lien to title process. We are here to assist you with the lien process and secure your interest; from the moment the claim of lien notice is delivered, to the moment the debt is collected in full, or clear title is delivered to the business owner! We even provide title research services to help you qualify prospective purchases.

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