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Florida Landlord and Mobile Home Park Lien Services


My Florida Title offers a variety of mobile home title services. We work with mobile home parks and individuals by providing fast, friendly and affordable mobile home title work services for past due rental payments and more.

We offer our Mobile Home Park Clients assistance with Duplicate Titles, Title Transfers to Park on new purchases, Title transfers to Residents, Decal Renewals, Title Searches, Skip Tracing, Conversion to Real Property, Eviction Title Transfers, and Land Lord Tenant Acts (for abandoned vehicles and mobile homes)

When it comes to initiating Florida's Landlord Tenant Act for an abandoned mobile home, most park administrators refer the matter to their legal counsel. In contrast, we often save our clients more time and money and achieve the same results.

* The Florida Landlord Tenant Act pertains to Mobile Homes when there is a rental agreement or lease for property and the following circumstances apply:

  • 1.) If a tenant has not paid rent or periodic payments due to the landlord for occupancy under a rental agreement and any other payments due the landlord from the tenant as may be designated as rent in a written agreement. The occupancy can be a dwelling unit and structure, including a mobile home, the lot and the connected grounds, areas, facilities, and property for use by the tenants. Any common areas associated therewith. 2.) If a tenant or owner has abandoned their mobile home in a mobile home park or other property. 3.) When the tenant or owner is deceased and no heirs have come forward to claim the abandoned mobile home.



Landlord/Mobile Home Park Lien-to-Title Service
Recover Past-Due Rent and Unpaid Storage Fees

My Florida Title offers fast and convenient lien processing to Florida Landlords and Mobile Home Park Operators;
From the initial vehicle registration search, to that packet of paperwork filed with the local title office, and everything in between!

Sale or Title Transfers and Decal Renewals!
We also offer additional service for mobile home park operators, i.e., Sale or Title Transfers and Mobile Home Decal Renewals! - Learn More

Convenient Registration Searches!
No more waiting around for the DMV to send you your information!

Can't Get to The Post Office?
Don't worry; we'll mail the letters for you!

Not Sure How to Prepare a Landlord or Mobile Home Park Lien Letter?
We do! -- We've already done the research and our lien letters are 100% legal.

  1. + State Vehicle Owner/Registration Searches
  2. + National Vehicle Owner/Registration Searches
  3. + National Vehicle History And Salvage Reports
  4. + Preparation of Statutory Lien Letters
  5. + Mail Management - USPS Mailings
  6. + Legal Notice Publications
  7. + Application for Certificate of Title

+ LIVE Help and Support 7-Days a Week!


Having a dedicated lien and title service at the tip of your fingers; saves valuable time and money!
Fast and professional lien and title services available to Florida Landlords and Mobile Home Park Operators in all Florida counties!

Florida Fast Title Online!

Complete Your Lien-to-Title Process from Home!* Fast and easy Florida Title services online! - We file all required paperwork and manage the Florida towing and storage lien-to-title process for you!

My Florida Title™ is a full-service document service; offering low-cost non-attorney Title related solutions to Florida's towing and storage businesses.

How Does Our Process Work?
Save time, money and hassle; My Florida Title™ retrieves vehicle registration data, sends official lien notices, and completes all paperwork, making the Florida towing and storage lien process simple.

We use the information that you provide to us via the web site or via fax on a completed Florida Lien-to-Title Service Form sf to quickly produce your document package to claim your lean and recover your expenses!

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?
All documents are completed within 24 hours of receipt of order! You never have to leave your home or office, or search for parking at the DMV. We can have your title within 4-6-weeks. Out of state titles take a little more time and only cost a few dollars more.

Expedited Title Service!
Start the towing lien or storage lien process today! We can streamline the process for you.  Just fax us your tow ticket and we'll start the paperwork immediately. Within a few short weeks you will recover your losses or gain a clear title to the vehicle held in possession.

Weekly Progress Updates!
We monitor the progress of your case and timely file all forms and documents as required pursuant to Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Lien Procedures and Policies. - Weekly progress updates provided vie email!

Claim Your Landlord Lien Today!


Time is Money; Save Both with My Florida Title!

Legal Document Preparation - My Florida Title™ is designed to help businesses save time and money when preparing Florida Towing and Storage Lien notices.

Frequently Mobile Home Park Owners acquire parks and homes and due to age of home, cannot locate correct owner or title information. We have a complex database at our disposal that allows us to search 100's of databases for this information. We have a very high success rate at find this information.

* Title search for verification of ownership and lien status information
* Notification and required notices to the tenants, owners and persons of interest
* Newspaper Advertisements for notice of public sale to the general public
* Forms, support and communications with DMV for successful transfer of title
* Postage and/or Delivery of documents

Are you aware that you may be able to apply for title pursuant to the State of Florida Land-Lord Tenant Act? (F.S. Section 715.109, Florida Statutes, provides for the sale or disposition of abandoned property by the landlord).

Free Title and Storage Related Documents/Forms - Instructions - Click on any Florida Landlord/Mobile Home Park lien related document(s) below to download.


Please Review Our Service Brochure*

Articles and Information for Landlords

Statutory Florida Claim of Lien Notice

Abandoned Property Information


* Please Note: Forms provided are not a substitute for legal advice. By downloading any document published by My Florida Title ™, you indicate that you understand and agree to our Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.