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Florida Towing and Storage Lien Services


Florida towing companies may be inadvertently losing thousands of dollars each year as the result of a commonly misunderstood and overlooked Florida Statute. FS; Section 713.78 permits a towing company to publicly auction-off unclaimed vehicles in order to recover unpaid towing and storage fees that are owed by non-paying vehicle owners.

For example, state law allows a towing company that recovers, tows, or stores a vehicle to impose a lien against the vehicle for those costs. If the charges remain unpaid, the towing company can sell the vehicle at public auction.

The towing company is responsible for sending a Florida Claim of Lien Notice and the pending sale within a specified number of days to the vehicle's owner via certified mail with a return receipt. Therefore, so long as the towing company follows the procedures set forth in 713.78, the vehicle is sold free and clear of any and all prior liens. This includes any prior lien of the finance company that financed the vehicle. Should no one appear at the date of the sale to satisfy the unpaid towing and storage charges and redeem the property, this procedure will allow the towing company to retain possession of the vehicle with clear title issued in the name of the towing company for the purpose of liquidation or disposal.


Towing and Storage Lien-to-Title Service
Recover Expenses From Unpaid Towing and Storage Fees

My Florida Title offers fast and convenient lien processing to Florida towing companies;
From the initial vehicle registration search, to that packet of paperwork filed with the local title office, and everything in between!

Ever Wonder What State a Vehicle is Titled?
Use our national registration search; we'll search the states and report back what state holds that registration.

Convenient Registration Searches!
No more waiting around for the DMV to send you your information!

Can't Get to The Post Office?
Don't worry; we'll mail the letters for you!

Not Sure How to Prepare a Towing and Storage Lien Letter?
We do! -- We've already done the research and our lien letters are 100% legal.

  1. + State Vehicle Owner/Registration Searches
  2. + National Vehicle Owner/Registration Searches
  3. + National Vehicle History And Salvage Reports
  4. + Preparation of Statutory Lien Letters
  5. + Mail Management - USPS Mailings
  6. + Legal Notice Publications
  7. + Application for Certificate of Title/Destruction

+ LIVE Help and Support 7-Days a Week!


Having a dedicated lien and title service at the tip of your fingers; saves valuable time and money!
Fast and professional lien and title services available to towing and storage companies in all Florida counties!

Florida Fast Title Online!

Complete Your Lien-to-Title Process from Home!* Fast and easy Florida Title services online! - We file all required paperwork and manage the Florida towing and storage lien-to-title process for you!

My Florida Title™ is a full-service document service; offering low-cost non-attorney Title related solutions to Florida's towing and storage businesses.

How Does Our Process Work?
Save time, money and hassle; My Florida Title™ retrieves vehicle registration data, sends official lien notices, and completes all paperwork, making the Florida towing and storage lien process simple.

We use the information that you provide to us via the web site or via fax on a completed Florida Lien-to-Title Service Form sf to quickly produce your document package to claim your lean and recover your expenses!

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?
All documents are completed within 24 hours of receipt of order! You never have to leave your home or office, or search for parking at the DMV. We can have your title within 4-6-weeks. Out of state titles take a little more time and only cost a few dollars more.

Expedited Title Service!
Start the towing lien or storage lien process today! We can streamline the process for you.  Just fax us your tow ticket and we'll start the paperwork immediately. Within a few short weeks you will recover your losses or gain a clear title to the vehicle held in possession.

Weekly Progress Updates!
We monitor the progress of your case and timely file all forms and documents as required pursuant to Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Lien Procedures and Policies. - Weekly progress updates provided vie email!

Claim Your Towing Lien Today!


Time is Money; Save Both with My Florida Title!

Legal Document Preparation - My Florida Title™ is designed to help businesses save time and money when preparing Florida Towing and Storage Lien notices.

We provide free towing and storage related notice/forms on our website as a convenient download service to Florida towing businesses to quickly retrieve statutory notices used in the Florida lien-to-title process. You may use any of the forms provided on this page for download at any time free of charge!

How to Prepare Towing and Storage Lien Notice - Here are a few things that a towing company should consider the next time they are confronted with a towing/storage lien.

First, the towing company has a deadline to send vehicle owners notice of the unpaid bill. Pursuant to F. S. 713.78 (Towing and Storage Statute), a tow company cannot charge the lienholder for any of its storage fees unless it sends to the vehicle owner, via certified mail, a Claim of Lien Notice within 7 business days.

Second, the storage fees charged by the towing/repair facility must be reasonable. Although none of the Florida Statutes define "reasonable storage rates", several Florida County Ordinances have taken the initiative to cap daily storage rates at $25/day. Therefore, a storage rate exceeding $25/day is presumptively unreasonable.

Free Title and Storage Related Documents/Forms - Instructions - Click on any Florida towing and storage lien related document(s) below to download the desired document.


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