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Florida Auto Repair Lien and Title Services


Independent Florida mechanics and motor vehicle repair businesses alike provide valuable repair services for vehicle owners every day. Unfortunately, at times customers may authorize these repairs; yet fail to pay for repairs when payment is due, or even decide to leave their vehicle in the care of the mechanic until they can produce payment.

Storage Charges - This places the burden of storage and safekeeping of the vehicle on the mechanic until payment can be made. Of course mechanics are in the business of repairing vehicles and not storage, so the amount of space allocated to storing vehicles for customers can be quite limited and therefore storage charges should be incurred at a reasonable rate.

Get Paid or Get Title Clear Title Today! - Florida's mechanic and motor vehicle repair shop lien process helps assure the auto repair business and the mechanic operating the business will receive compensation for their labor and services. The statute provides security for the mechanic, and also relieves the customers of the need to pay a deposit in advance of any labor or services performed. This title procedure ensures mechanics can recover payment from non-paying customers through an expedited and enforceable legal procedure.

Statutory Lien Notice - The florida mechanic or repair shop is entitled to charge the customer daily storage fees once the vehicle owner is properly notified by giving notice within 15 business days from the first date from which storage charges have accrued. When attempts to notify the customer and collect payment have proven to be unsuccessful, or in the event a vehicle is left unclaimed for too long and abandoned by the customer, the mechanic and auto repair business may enforce a statutory lien. The vehicle may then be sold at a public auction to recover any outstanding debts in order to satisfy the lien and recoup any losses attributable to a delinquent customer's vehicle.


Auto Repair Lien-to-Title Service
Mechanics;Turn Losses Into Money In The Bank

My Florida Title™ can help mechanics and motor vehicle repair shops save time and money when you need documents quickly prepared to claim your lien and process your title documents in Florida. Using the information you provide on a simple Florida Title Service Form sf, we promptly prepare all documents needed to claim your lien so that you can promptly collect payment or obtain clear title for the vehicle/ vessel you have serviced or stored at your business.

>> Auto Repair Shop Lien and Title Service (for Non-Payment of Repair Order/Estimate); Available Here

* Full-Service Lien Package Includes: Comprehensive Title/Owner Search, Legal Claim of Lien Notice(s) to all interested parties, Legal Publications, Payment Collection and Vehicle Sales Data Management, Application for Certificate of Title, Local DMV Courier Services, Personal Title Delivery and More! -- You fill out one simple form; we collect payment or deliver clear title!


Having a dedicated lien and title service at the tip of your fingers; saves valuable time and money!
Fast and professional lien and title services available to mechanics and auto repair businesses in all Florida counties!

Florida Fast Title Online!

Complete Your Lien-to-Title Process from Home!* Fast and easy Florida Title services online! - We file all required paperwork and manage the Florida towing and storage lien-to-title process for you!

My Florida Title™ is a full-service document service; offering low-cost non-attorney Title related solutions to Florida's towing and storage businesses.

How Does Our Process Work?
Save time, money and hassle; My Florida Title™ retrieves vehicle registration data, sends official lien notices, and completes all paperwork, making the Florida towing and storage lien process simple.

We use the information that you provide to us via the web site or via fax on a completed Florida Lien-to-Title Service Form sf to quickly produce your document package to claim your lean and recover your expenses!

How Long Does It Take To Get Started?
All documents are completed within 24 hours of receipt of order! You never have to leave your home or office, or search for parking at the DMV. We can have your title within 4-6-weeks. Out of state titles take a little more time and only cost a few dollars more.

Expedited Title Service!
Start the towing lien or storage lien process today! We can streamline the process for you.  Just fax us your tow ticket and we'll start the paperwork immediately. Within a few short weeks you will recover your losses or gain a clear title to the vehicle held in possession.

Weekly Progress Updates!
We monitor the progress of your case and timely file all forms and documents as required pursuant to Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Lien Procedures and Policies. - Weekly progress updates provided vie email!

Claim Your Auto Repair Lien Today!


Time is Money; Save Both with My Florida Title!

The Real Advantage with My Florida TitleWe offer Florida mechanics real people to connect with and provide the dedicated professional resources you need to run your business.

My Florida Title will carefully collect your information, prepare your documents, and file them in the appropriate court or county office for you. Like a good administrative assistant, our job is to assist you in any way possible.


* Provide an affordable self-help alternative to handle your title process
* Provide comprehensive title searches, VIN verifications, and obtain DMV lien records
* Provide up-to-date legal forms, common examples, and easy access to information
* Prepare legal documents and offer self-help services under your specific direction
* Provide you with resources and services to quickly start and finish your title process

Free Mechanic/Auto Repair Documents - In addition to full-service lien packages, free Florida title related documents are provided online as a convenient download service to mechanics and motor vehicle repair businesses to quickly retrieve statutory notices used in the Florida mechanic and repair business lien and title process.

Free Title and Storage Related Documents/Forms - Instructions - Click on any Florida towing and storage lien related document(s) below to download the desired document.


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Statutory Florida Claim of Lien Notice

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